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Moulded Well Cover
FRP molded well cover is formed one time under high temperature and pressure. It is of high density, high stiffness, high intensity of pressure, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, light weight, and nice appearance etc. It has passed the inspection of national authorized department that every item exceeds the national standard which is suitable for the usage of civil works and fast lanes.
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FRP Pultrusion Grating
Pultrusion FRP grating has most of the characteristics of molded FRP grating, but it also has some obvious different points. The most important one is high fiberglass content in load-carrying direction (65%-70%).So, compared with molded FRP grating, pultruded grating has obvious advantages on large stride distance. Because it can reduce the number of foundation support, reducing the cost.
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FRP Clarification Tank
FRP clarification tank is a kind of treating device which adopts depositing and anaerobic fermentation theory to eliminate the suspended organic matters in the water. There are a lot of night soil, waste paper, and protozoon in the sanitary sewage.
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FRP Pipes
(1)Lightweight, high strength and high stiffness; (2)Corrosion-resistant property; (3)Good hydraulic property; (4)Health property of RPM pipe; (5)Shock resistance; (6)Abrasive resistance; (7)Low temperature-resistant property; (8)Compliance against the environment.
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FRP Tanks(VESSEL)、Cooling Tower
This kind of products have been widely used in china domestic area and outside of china market.The Application fields mainly are chlorine-alkaline,polysilicon,brewage, sea water desalination,power plant desulfurization,titanium white,viscose fiber,metallurgy,waste gas treatment etc industry.The max diameter of the FRP Vessel is 50000mm and the volume is 100000m3.
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